e-Video-Digest: the first virtual digestive endoscopy congress is approaching!

Europa Group
12 Oct 2020

Due to the health context, Vidéo-Digest has been adapted into a digital version, which will be freely available on November 13.

There will be 4 main virtual spaces in parallel :

- Live endoscopy demonstrations, still at the heart of Vidéo-Digest, which will take place at the North Hospital in Marseille, coordinated by Marc BARTHET, Jean-Michel GONZALEZ and their team. The sessions will be themed and two will be followed by a state of the art, based on SFED recommendations.
- Pedagogical teachings, with three professional symposia and 4 esymposium of the partners NORGINE, JANSSEN, PFIZER and AMGEN :
       "Contribution of artificial intelligence to the detection and characterization of lesions of the digestive tract;
       "From detection to resection: is there room for improvement? » ;
       double theme: "Bariatric endoscopy: which technique is really effective? "and "What's new in the management of upper digestive haemorrhages";
       as well as a symposium on hail exploration and the course of the Club Francophone d'Echoendoscopie.
- Video-sessions and clinical cases, plus a FMC-HGE - SFED symposium on endoscopic monitoring of IBD.
- There will also be a partner space with an e-exposition and a GIFE space for endoscopy nurses.

The replay will be reserved for SFED and CFE members who have paid their dues.

More information on the dedicated website: follow the link!​