Our values


The future is built with the taking of risks.

Innovation occurs when a new idea is implemented in a tangible manner.

Innovation involves being ready to undertake, gather experience, show creativity, experiment ideas and learn from mistakes.

At Europa, we all have the ability to innovate. We are audacious, we share ideas, query our ways, get inspired by others, and are receptive to change.


Our professional commitment is the key to our success and our pride.

Commitment is about getting involved, sparing no effort, making choices and assuming responsibility for them.

At Europa, we are committed to delivering our best everyday, for the benefit of both our customers and our colleagues.
Team spirit springs from individual commitment, and mobilises one and all to reach our common goals and embody company values.


Trust is the backbone of our organisation.

Trust stems from belief in oneself and opening up to others. Trust makes relationships more straightforward and composed. Trust must be earned and nurtured.

At Europa, our success is based on mutual trust and respecting the commitments made to colleagues and customers. Mutual trust is nourished by consideration, heed and dialogue.