Cardio-online: a media at the heart of the ESC 2023 Congress

Europa Organisation
24 Aug 2023

In the run-up to the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Amsterdam (August 25-28), Cardio-online, the SFC's information and education platform published by Europa Digital & Publishing, is gearing up to roll out educational and interactive content. Focus on its role before, during and after the congress with Julie El Haïk, Web Editorial Coordinator for Cardio-online.

Cardio-online: informing and connecting an entire community

For Julie El Haïk, "In recent years, Cardio-online has become a benchmark medium in the world of cardiology". The Société Française de Cardiologie's (SFC) omnichannel education and sharing platform - as well as its social networks - aims to nurture and stimulate the French-speaking community. Scientific publications, clinical cases and news from the field are edited, formatted and distributed all year round by the site's teams.The various Groups and Subsidiaries that make up the SFC, such as the Collège des Cardiologues en Formation (CCF), find a valuable source of information and continuous learning in the content offered by the platform.


ESC 2023: extensive digital coverage

The highlight for the platform will be the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), which takes place in a few days' time.  "On-site, a Société Française de Cardiologie stand will be set up, where the Cardio-online team will be on hand to chat with participants," explains Julie.
More importantly, for the duration of the congress, the site will publish daily newsletters, articles presenting recommendations and major studies, as well as interviews with experts at the end of the sessions. These short, incisive interviews provide particularly effective summaries and perspectives on the highlights of the event.
On September 7, one week after the congress, a special program will feature eminent cardiology experts, members of the Société Française de Cardiologie, to decipher and put into perspective the 2023 event.
Finally, in the weeks that follow, themed content will be broadcast in partnership with the industry. A congress such as the ESC is an ideal opportunity to forge relationships with industrial partners. The latter take advantage of the event and its successful coverage on Cardio-online to gain greater visibility with the medical community.

The whole exercise requires meticulous coordination between Europa's teams (sales, editorial and webmarketing team members), industrial partners and the editorial committee chaired by Professor Albert Hagège. This synergy enables us to develop and structure content quickly and meticulously, in line with the exacting standards of this discipline, and to strengthen our links with the community and the various stakeholders.


A content eagerly awaited by the community

Covering an event of this magnitude is a challenge: "Reactivity and inventiveness are required on a daily basis to maintain the community's attention!" SFC members' expectations of this content are very high, and are reflected in the high number of visitors to the platform at ESC time, confirming Cardio-online's place among the reference media for French-speaking cardiologists.


Many thanks to Julie El Haïk and Nathalie Dugué-Perez for their valuable information on the project, and we wish them every success with this operation!