Challenges, laughter and rugby: a look back at our Rugby World Cup competition made in Europa

Europa Group
26 Oct 2023

At Europa Group, the month of September was rich, lively and so much fun! In parallel with the Rugby World Cup 2023 in Toulouse, we organized our own competition!

Our teams outdid themselves to win a private box at the Toulouse Stadium for the Portugal-Fiji match, vying with each other in creativity and enthusiasm to carry out challenges linked to rugby and the countries hosted in Toulouse. For many, it was "the best team building we've ever done". A game that exceeded all expectations: in terms of laughter, discovery of others, collective dynamics, cohesion...

At every stage of the game, Europa's employees showed themselves as they are in their daily professional lives: committed, demanding, united, passionate, creative, pugnacious, benevolent, joyful, funny! They brought us through 3 weeks of intense competition, where self-mockery was the golden rule!

 Discover some of their stories in this video. Several of them share their highlights and what this experience has brought them.

Thanks to all our players, and in particular to Juliette Sorin, Rachel Costes, Nadege Menen, Gwendoline Geffray and Gregory Despaux, who gave us this interview.