Europa Group acquires the multi-media group 1Health

Europa Group
24 Jan 2023

After the acquisition of Phili@ in 2017, Europa Group is strengthening its leadership in health publishing, an activity that complements its historic business of organizing medical conferences. 1Health, chaired by Julien Kouchner, brings together 21 titles in human and animal health dedicated to professionals and the general public. The new entity gives birth to a group of more than 400 employees and a consolidated turnover of 123 million euros.

The acquisition of 1Health thus consolidates and expands the strategic positioning, as well as the leadership of Europa Group in the field of the sharing of scientific knowledge, the training of professionals and the animation of health communities. Indeed, the acquisition of 1Health makes it possible to extend the activities of Europa Group to animal and environmental health and to strengthen its presence in human health while bringing to it the meaning conveyed by the concept of “one health”. “The concept of one health, whether human, animal or environmental, is the DNA of 1Health. This concept, validated by the UN, corresponds perfectly to our corporate culture. This acquisition represents an important lever for growth that perfectly meets the societal challenges that we want to address to all of our audiences. We strongly believe in this holistic approach to health, its education and its information.