On the occasion of the forthcoming Paris Vascular Insights congress, Europa Group publishes a compendium of studies in the endovascular field.

Europa Organisation
4 Aug 2023

Europa Digital & Publishing, which publishes medical journals and books, is currently working on a new publication: the Trials Book of the Paris Vascular Insights (PVI) course. Focus on this particularly popular medical education product with Béatrice Lebrun, Editorial Coordinator in charge of its production.

Paris Vascular Insights: a course on vascular and endovascular surgery

The book was inspired by Europa Group's organization of Paris Vascular Insights, a course for healthcare professionals in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery.  Organized by four Course Directors: Yann Gouëffic, Koen Deloose, Éric Ducasse and Stéphan Haulon, it will be held for the 3rd time from November 8 to 10 at the Carrousel du Louvre.  On the program: hands-on workshops, updates on new techniques and the latest technological innovations, and outlook for the discipline.

An initiative: creating a compendium of studies for the discipline!

Collaboration between Europa and the Course Directors identified the need for a "Trials Book" for members of this medical community. The book, offered to congress participants in print and digital formats, is a way of extending and enhancing the educational experience of the course. For Europa Group, this initiative testifies to an ongoing commitment to supporting the learning of healthcare professionals by offering innovative tools that are useful on a daily basis.

"ED&P already publishes two Trials Books, one for PCR in interventional cardiology, and one for LINNC, in interventional neuroradiology. We're well aware of the interest in these media and the success they meet with participants, so it was only natural that Frédéric Doncieux, Director of Europa Digital & Publishing, proposed this publishing project to the ED&P Course Directors" emphasizes Béatrice Lebrun.


The trials book: an ideal format for doctors' day-to-day work

The Trials Book is a little-known but undeniably useful tool for doctors. It offers a precise, intelligible summary of major studies: key information, study objectives, populations analyzed, and practical applications in terms of patient care, all in a compact format, ideal for everyday use.

"It's an extremely practical tool, which doctors will have to hand, and which provides rapid access to information that would otherwise be difficult to find," explains the editorial coordinator. Comprising around 100 pages, the trials book developed for PVI covers five vascular fields: peripheral, aortic, embolization, venous and carotid.


A carefully selected content

Its creation requires a meticulous selection of medical studies. Yann Gouëffic, Course Director and Editor in Chief, has surrounded himself with a team of experienced and recognized doctors to ensure the quality of the content. Only major, recognized journals are taken into account. This approach guarantees the reliability and relevance of the information presented, providing healthcare professionals with a reference tool for making informed decisions in their daily practice.


A project rich in challenges and rewards

Producing the Trials Book is fraught with challenges, not least coordinating a large number of stakeholders and managing the deadlines involved. "However," emphasizes Béatrice, "the exciting and rewarding work with experienced and recognized doctors, as well as the enrichment of discovering new horizons, make this project an exceptional experience for the whole team involved!"

We warmly thank Béatrice Lebrun for her valuable information on the project.