Reasons to join us

Working at Europa means becoming part of a dynamic, sound and pioneering enterprise.
If you share our values and what we do appeals to you, then why not join us?!

Join a team of enthusiasts

We spare no effort to ensure events are the most impactful, the most interesting, the most inspiring! Every congress is a considerable professional and personal undertaking. Before, during, after… you have to have experienced the wonderful challenge to understand what goes into the process! Want to try for yourself?

Develop your team spirit

We work in project mode, which demands a truly massive amount of team spirit. We love giving each other a helping hand and learning tips of the trade from one another. We represent a huge variety of different professions and talents: what’s yours?


Whether it’s for a congress, a web site or a book, we are constantly on the lookout for originality. We’re not afraid of challenges, we’re not worried about getting things wrong, and we believe in innovation! What about you?

Contribute to scientific progress

We work alongside physicians and scientists who enable others to progress through the sharing of their knowledge. It’s a mission which we are proud to be a part of. If you’re looking for a job that has a sense of purpose, knock on our door!