Towards 0 paper! 

Europa Group
20 Feb 2024

At Europa in Toulouse, we've been taking a more environmentally-friendly approach for several years, drastically reducing our paper consumption.

1- Local partnership: By collaborating with EASYTRI, a specialist in corporate sorting, we support a local company while reinforcing our commitment to a cleaner environment. 

2- Reducing the number of copiers: we have reduced the number of copiers on our premises to a strict minimum, with just one color copier for every 220 employees! 

3- Paperless accounting: we continue to explore ways of further minimizing our use of paper. For example, our accounting is now 100% paperless, which not only reduces our ecological footprint, but also optimizes our internal processes.

 We're proud of our teams for embracing and supporting these changes, and look forward to continuing on this eco-responsible path.