Visual and physical health in the office: a double priority!

Europa Group
31 Aug 2023

At Europa Group, we spend our days in front of our screens. Keeping our eyes healthy and adopting the right body posture is essential! A poorly-adjusted workstation can lead to musculoskeletal disorders: neck, back, shoulder and wrist pain, and even unpleasant sensations such as pins and needles or cramps.

So how can we take care of our eyes and our bodies at the office?

1- Eyes:

- Detach yourself from the screen every 20 minutes, looking into the distance for 20 seconds.

- Blink regularly to keep your eyes hydrated.

- Consult an ophthalmologist in the event of visual defects.

2- Posture:

- Adjust the height of your screen: the top should be at eye level.

- Make sure your eyes are an arm's length away from the screen to avoid strain.

- Prevent musculoskeletal disorders by regularly adjusting your posture.

3- Muscles:

- Stretch regularly: push your joined hands upwards, palms facing the ceiling, gently tilt your head to one side then the other.

- Relax your wrists: shake hands, rotate.

- Stand up, walk, move!

It's up to you! Every minute invested in your well-being today will have long-term benefits!