Visual fatigue and screen work: how to protect yourself?

Europa Group
6 Oct 2023

If, like us, you work a lot on screens, this post is for you!

What are the signs to look out for?
- Tingling eyes
- Red, dry eyes (especially for contact lens wearers)
- Blurred vision
- Headaches

 How can I prevent eyestrain?
- Every 20 minutes, take your eyes off the screen and stare at a distant point for 20 seconds.
- To hydrate the cornea, remember to blink regularly.
- Adjust the height of your screen: the top should be at eye level (or a little lower for progressive lens wearers).
- Your eyes should be an arm's length away from the screen.
- Every hour, take a 5-minute break: get up, walk around, get some fresh air! Even a short walk to the printer can make a difference.

 In the event of persistent symptoms, a consultation with an ophthalmologist is recommended.

It's up to you! Every minute invested in your well-being today will have long-term benefits!