We're recruiting: 7 permanent positions are currently open!

Europa Group
12 Mar 2024

At Europa, we believe that fulfilled employees are the key to our success. Discover the benefits our teams enjoy:

Vacations and RTT 
We enjoy 6 weeks' paid vacation every year, as well as 11 days' RTT.

Hybrid working 
Flexible working hours and the freedom for each team to organize itself as it wishes between face-to-face and teleworking. In addition to a teleworking allowance, Europa also staffs our home office.

A profit-sharing agreement allows us to be rewarded for the fruits of our labor!

Social security cover 
We benefit from one of the most advantageous family health insurance and provident schemes.

Let's eat! 
Whether we're in the office or working from home, we get luncheon vouchers for every day we work.

Smooth mobility 
We pay 50% of our public transport fares. And if we prefer bicycles, Europa also contributes to their upkeep.

Want to join us? Click here: https://lnkd.in/eZbEVfbQ