Congress Keynotes

BHRM 2020, the annual congress of the Belgian Heart Rhythm Associaton (BeHRA)

Winning bet for a 100% digital edition

When organising a congress for the 14th consecutive year, the pleasure of meeting clients and partners with whom we enjoyed working during many years is combined with the challenge of making a new mark for the event.

The 2020 edition of the BHRM was initially planned as a physical event, then became a "hybrid" event and was finally transformed in a full virtual event a few days before the opening date!

The objectives

  • Enable cardiologists who are not specialised in rhythmology to be trained by specialists
  • Exchange on the various diagnostic techniques and available therapeutic solutions
  • Deliver relevant educational content
  • Share the latest research in rhythmology
  • Create links between rhythmologists and cardiologists
  • Present equipment and products made available by industry partners
  • Increase visibility of the BeHRA and its members in Belgium and worldwide

The challenges

Given the circumstances, this congress called for a great deal of flexibility, many adaptations, and quick reactions, without losing sight of the interests of all players involved.

  • Reassure the protagonists
  • Convince partners to maintain their participation
  • Ensure financial implications
  • Train teams to new technical challenges
  • Engage the audience
  • Create a "human" link through a screen


The solid foundation of this congress is the quality of the scientific content. The extraordinary collaboration between our clients, our partners and our teams enabled us meeting the challenges!

  • Promote state-of-the-art scientific topics and renowned speakers.
  • Offer ongoing support and advice for clients and partners alike
  • Develop targeted and multi channels communication campaign
  • Source appropriate digital platforms and dedicated technical experts
  • Train speakers and moderators for fluent digital presentations
  • Record presentations before the congress in anticipation of possible connection issues
  • Welcome speakers and moderators to meet each other in virtual rooms before their session
  • Appoint a team to communicate with the audience during the 2 days of the congress
  • Develop the "human" axis showing we are not alone behind our screens but part of a connected group.
  • Stimulate the engagement of participants with Q&A, voting, virtual conversation areas, treasure hunt in the booths, sharing selfies....

The results

Organising a digital event means rethinking the way you organise the event, knowing that eve-ryone takes ownership of the event behind the screen.

An efficient teamwork made it possible:

  • Two high-level educational days attended by 930 participants in 25 countries.
  • 30 presentations and 20 scientific posters available online after the congress
  • A significant increase in the number of registered and attending participants
  • A widely visited exhibition thanks to attractive and interactive booths
  • Interesting data and statistics for our industry partners
  • An excellent satisfaction rate of 89%.

The clients

It is well known that crises present dangers but also opportunities. Non-digital advocates at previous editions of the congress, our customers have now embraced it.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we held monthly virtual meetings with our clients to offer them adequate solutions according to the circumstances and to keep them informed on the evolution of the organisation.

We also organised virtual meetings between our clients and industry partners to answer questions and explain our digital proposal.

Motivated by the trust placed in us by our clients and partners, we took the project forward and organised a magnificent congress!

To conclude

We believe it is essential to continue enabling communities to meet, exchange and educate each other.

Our mission is to help you achieve your objectives and our team is ready to help you organise your event with the success you expect and deserve.