Congress Keynotes

Le Printemps de la Cardiologie

Le Printemps de la Cardiologie is an annual event of the Groupe de Reflexion sur la Recherche Cardiovasculaire (GRRC), a subsidiary of the French Society of Cardiology, which is held every year in May and brings together nearly 500 participants.
Our Grenoble-based subsidiary Insight Outside was in charge of organising the first “Printemps de la Cardiologie” e-congress which took place on 29 - 30 October.
Objectives, challenges, results: discover the secrets of an event that completely exceeded the organisers' expectations!

The objectives

  • Accompany and advise the GRRC to completely redesign the physical event into a 100% virtual event.
  • Maintain the same number of participants as a face-to-face congress
  • Adapt Insight Outside’s native platform Inviteo Virtual Event to the needs of the project
  • Change as little as possible the usual participant experience: maintain a programme of sessions conducted in parallel, with specific educational pathways
  • Promote interactivity and networking between peers
  • Organise an exhibition for partners
  • Manage registrations

The challenges

  • Find a broadcasting solution allowing 200 speakers to take part in the event
  • Out of the 5 different courses, one to be in English
  • Create the event


  • Creation of a real face to face event, with ceremonies, openings and closings of rooms according to the programme.
  • 5 simultaneous educational pathways, including one in English
  • Creation of a hybrid broadcasting format mixing pre-recorded presentations and live broadcasting
  • Recorded sessions introduced LIVE by a moderator, who then animated exchanges between participants and speakers, all gathered in the same "video-room".
  • Multiple tools to boost interactivity: Chat, internal messaging, personal video-rooms for each speaker and participant to invite people to join.
  • Creation of a digital process for moderators to review posters in order to digitally transpose the best poster competition, the highlight of the physical event.
  • Live content available to watch on replay straight after broadcast.
  • Enhancement of post-event content: the platform will remain online for a minimum of one year, allowing unlimited access to content for participants and promoting commercial relations between partners and participants.

The results

  • 450 partcipants registered, the same number as the face to face event
  • 4590 hours of global connection time
  • 11 hours average connection time per participant over the two days
  • Sessions followed, from start to finish
  • Fantastic post-session exchanges between speakers and participants, bringing together up to 70 people at the same time.
  • A dense, intense event, rich in strong emotional involvement, to the great pleasure of the SFC organisers.
  • Diverse scientific content that has been worked on, homogenised and mastered, thus improving the educational experience of the participants.
  • Excellent feedback from the exhibitors, satisfied with the high quality of the visits to their stands.

A word from the client, Claire Arnaud

"BRAVO and THANK YOU both and your whole team!
These two days went by in a flash ... The platform was very much appreciated, as was your responsiveness. It was a real challenge for us to go 100% virtual, especially when keeping such a diverse scientific programme and 5 courses in parallel!
Thank you for accompanying us in this great adventure".