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PCR e-course: 90,000 connection hours over 3 days for the first e-course in interventional cardiology!

The Covid-19 global pandemic is shaking up the world of medical congress. More than ever before, the need to come together to progress has become clear to all. But in a context where meeting physically is subject to constraints and prohibitions, adapting one's strategy, showing flexibility and agility is crucial. Here is the example of the PCR-e-course 2020: the first 100% digital international interventional cardiology congress, which brought together more than 15,000 participants online last June.

The context

Following the cancellation of the 2020 edition of EuroPCR, the world's leading congress in interventional cardiology, the decision was quickly made to organise a new event for the community in the form of an e-course. Last June, more than ever, interventional cardiologists needed to get together, train and share.

And while nothing can replace the physical meeting, the virtual event, when managed well, can meet all of these needs.

The objectives

  • Organise the first e-course PCR in the very demanding standards of excellence of the brand
  • Create the event!
  • Deliver relevant educational content, adapted to the web, representative of the physical congress
  • To "connect" the community at what was a very difficult time for each and every doctor, more isolated than ever in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Create a virtual exhibition
  • Gather a minimum of 8,000 connections over the 3 days.
  • Broaden the usual geographic footprint of the congress

The challenges

  • Let go the idea of the physical congress, and reinvent a completely new event, with totally different codes
  • Keep particularly tight deadlines: 2 months, not a week more!
  • Convincing industrial partners on a "first time" basis
  • Train teams to meet new technical challenges
  • Ensure doctors want to connect on the day and keep them connected


A formidable collaboration between the doctors, partners and teams of Europa Group made it possible to take up the crazy challenges that this project presented.

  • The keystone of the e-congress: the scientific content. A rigorous selection of the best of the program for the 2020 edition made possible to create a new educational content "100% virtual event". Filmed via videoconferencing, in a studio in Europa Group's offices in Paris... It was the strategic editorial work that made it possible to transform 90-minute sessions into 15-minute messages, capsules of ultra-concentrated education, essential for keeping the audience online!
  • Support and advice to industrial partners has enabled us to create offers that meet their need for visibility: sponsored sessions, stands in a virtual exhibition, e-marketing, etc.
  • The choice of an ergonomic and robust technical platform, capable of absorbing a large number of simultaneous connections and allowing content to be customised and arranged to meet the needs of physicians.
  • The development of the "networking" opportunities by promoting virtual meetings between participants who could meet in private chats.
  • The creation of a fluid dialogue between experts and participants allowing to break down barriers through chats during the conferences.
  • The choice to "create the event": opening time, ceremonies, virtual rooms that opened at the scheduled time... A strategy that kept participants on the edge of their seats and generated a great deal of excitement in the community.
  • A 360 digital communication plan with a strong emphasis on social networks and influencer activation.

The results

Exceptional figures that exceeded the expectations of all stakeholders.

  • Production of nearly 60 hours of videos involving 271 different speakers.
  • A virtual exhibition with 15 booths that were kept busy and generated good interaction.
  • 15 hours of LIVE broadcast
  • 15,000 connections over 3 days from more than 130 countries, with a significant geographical expansion that targeted both Asia and America, without the impact of any time zone constraints
  • 76% of the participants were physicians
  • An average connection time of 3h40 per day
  • A satisfaction rate of 83%.

William Wijns, PCR Chairman and Director of e-course :  
"The result has exceeded our expectations and satisfied our community as always. I would like to conclude by addressing all the teams to tell them how proud, impressed and grateful we are for the work they have done. »

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To conclude

If we are convinced that the physical congress will resume its full rights when the pandemic allows it, we must in the meantime maintain the precious link that unites the members of a professional community.
Well thought-out, the virtual congress provides each participant with a unique and highly satisfying educational, innovative and engaging experience, while greatly opening up audience perspectives.  
Our experts are ready to accompany you: don't dream of your virtual event anymore, contact Europa Group to make it happen!